Thank you for your interest in the various publications, soon to be made available in bulk through this website and other purchase mediums. 

Instead of issuing out one publication at the time, I will be delivering a bulk amount of publications all at once to benefit audiences far and wide, with immediacy. 

Currently there are six books out on the drying racks to be put in your hands soon! 

These include: 

Children’s Singalong Song book, Volume 1
Children’s Singalong Song book, Volume 2
Children’s Singalong Song book, Volume 3

Lyrical Mental Real Estate | How To Channel Revolving Thought ThroughThe Natural Therapy Of Song

Ins & Outs Of The Songwriter Existence

Ready Set Serenade | Lyrics Book

Currently there are six albums in the final steps of production to be put in your hands soon! This music catalog will be made available through a sister website that you can access from here ASAP.

Ready Set Sing  REMIX

Hello Mucho  ALBUM

I Am Here Now  ALBUM

Country Calls  ALBUM

Music Entree | Hip Hop & RnB, Volume I  MIXTAPE

Music Entree, Hip Hop & RnB, Volume II  MIXTAPE

Thank you kindly for your patience for my final steps to get all of this out to you as soon as humanly possible!

In addition to these releases, the Lyrics Mottos Music Podcast & APP are also in development…Updates coming soon!!

For now, but not forever, I am a one-man army, hence the previous holdup on this BULK release game plan. I have been mapping out the best ways to get this content to you…So it is time well spent. My goal is to have an easy access route for you to obtain current publications, and future creations. My work is never done, as the creative spirit never holds back! 

Following these releases… You can tune into the Lyrics Mottos Music YouTube Channel for the youth. This channel will host content from the Children’s Singalong Songbook series and go over song summaries, provide lyric videos, cartoon animation storyboarding, sign language translations, and much much MORE!

To further support youth education, enhanced learning will be available through the CSS Words & Phrases Dictionary, where young ones can get a better understanding of the life lesson concepts addressed in the song formats from the Children’s Singalong Songbook series.

If you are a fan of these objectives and would like to participate in a more hands-on sense…Currently opening up Sponsorship Opportunities to help push projects further along, faster. As a sponsor, you get first hand access to new releases before everyone else… WHY is this important? Because there are opportunities for us to combine forces and make a greater impact together. That’s the beauty of any amazing relationship! Please feel free to reach out to further discuss the details in becoming a sponsor for these education multiplication goals!  Thank you for your considerations, and look forward to connecting!

In the meantime, to keep you happily entertained, please follow through to my social pages for tidbits & insider info on project updates as they arise as well as enjoy an afternoon (or morning or evening) of lyric videos & music videos through my longstanding YouTube channel. There you can get a sneak preview of live shows & special featured songs!

There are some other MYSTERY ITEMS on the horizon too…so stay tuned!!