Big BULK Music Release Coming Soon

Been a long time in waiting and while most people release one thing at a time…no thanks! WHY WAIT…

Music Releases

Ready Set Sing REMIX | Electro Folk Album
Hello Mucho | Alternative Pop Album
I Am Here Now | Urban Pop Album
Country Calls | Country Album
Music Entree Vol 1 & Vol 2 | RnB HipHop Mixtapes
PLUS…Featured MUSIC Singles!

Music-Themed Book Releases

Lyrical Mental Real Estate
Ins & Outs Of The Songwriter Existence
Ready Set Serenade Lyrics Book
Children’s Singalong Songbook SERIES (Volume 1, 2, 3)
PLUS…Learn Fast | Life Lessons x Mottos (Vol I, II, III)


Songwriting Course Access & Upcoming Podcast

Music for the whole family! PLUS…Education to join in the fun… Lyrics Mottos Music Podcast is meant to encourage new songwriters and provide featured song summaries of new releases as well as Youth Dedication Days to go over Children’s Singalong Songbook music catalogue and upcoming YouTube Channel resources!

Music saves lives, which is WHY I find it a worthy cause to dedicate my life to sharing the power of song. – TARA NICHOLE