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Wellbeing For All Is At Hand

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence, 1776

Civil Rights Deserved By All

Sometimes art extends into film. I created this tribute compilation video during the time of marching for Trayvon Martin, but the messaging expands beyond that single tragedy, as the issues addressed there and then still hold true today. This video includes 1-on-1 interviews, live footage of the march, and a custom song to encapsulate the times.

A Peace March Paired With A Women’s Rights Theme Song

Introducing another social cause motivated film production. This was created at UCSB when I was an art student there. Social justice called me then and calls me now. We all do what we can. Even while it is a women’s rights focused theme song, my uncle loves it! I hope you do too…

The Less Homeless Documentary, Vol 1 | Detroit

Here is the trailer for The Less Homeless Project Documentary, Volume 1, based in Detroit, Michigan. It’s a town that seems unreal for the way an open business sits next to a burned down property. Full blocks are vacated, with only one or two houses left standing, where residents confirm those streets were full of upright  houses only a handful of years before. People have been displaced. The cold weather there makes it that much more heartbreaking. To see the full length documentary, CLICK HERE. Documentary created and produced by Tara Nichole.

The Less Homeless Project, Ongoing Efforts

The Less Homeless Project is a social movement in the works. This cause is near a dear to my heart so, over time, I’ve rallied with other entities to help serve the homeless, like Hugs & Bags & Organized Organics. The difference between all of us is in the circumstances we meet, plus the choices we make. Everyone needs help sometimes. We either appreciate what we have and share…or don’t appreciate it and don’t know that we have a lot to give. We often take forgranted our privileges and nevermind our social duties. You were nurtured someway, somehow, by somebody, at some time, and it is the right thing to do to give back. Half our society operates on out of sight out of mind… Change lives along the way. We need pro-active upbuilding of our communities through group effort, public gardens, increased social services, and regular charity benefits. Know what it means to experience a sense of community by operating as a community. Don’t waste potential. Don’t waste precious time. We have children watching how we operate. We have teachers and then the negligent citizens. We have room for improvement. Businesses should contribute where they can. Compassion makes our neighbors strong. Let’s work together. We need to improve morale through growth and development made possible with community support.

We now live in even more challenging times than is the norm, with a pandemic persisting for the foreseeable future. We are all pressed for time to find a solution….not just for the pandemic, but day to day resolve to keep the lights on, food in our stomaches, and paychecks coming in. While we may not have all the answers, there are still ways we can aim to be of assistance. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be wise. Songwriting therapy can help relieve some stress more immediately, when other prayers for help are slower to come. Meanwhile, we can count our blessings, pray for our neighbors, and lift each other up any way we know how. Everyone has their strengths…let’s share them!

JOIN OUR ONLINE GROUP! FB: The Less Homeless Project | Community Discussion Board


Art With A Message | Love, Not War

I believe the title of this original painting I created, says it all: “Cat’s Game | No One Wins In War.” This artwork depicts the mascots of various branches of the military. There are empty chairs symbolizing the men and women whose lives have been lost. The end of a game in tic tac toe, “a cat’s game,” is where no one wins. This was painted at a live art event. Everyone else was painting galaxies, and music-themed works, along with free flow forms, but this message was pulling at my heartstrings that night. We all know someone who has military experience or friends and family in the military, so I believe we are all sensitive to this message. Even the men and women who make it home, don’t come back the same. Their lives, perspectives, and mental health are forever changed. We preach on peace for days, but we don’t often talk about the pains of war. We only lightly acknowledge them as we salute service members, and give our thanks, but what if we lived in a world where we didn’t have to be so on guard. These days, we hardly know who we are fighting anymore. Maybe we can at least try to emanate peace with our near and dear. What would happen if we funneled increased energy into positive endeavors and actions, instead of negativity. It’s worth thinking about. Serves us all well. Let’s all try to live a little better, wiser, kinder than we did yesterday, and when tomorrow comes…try to keep the peace. Thank you in advance! As they say, love conquers all.

Life is good when there’s love in the air. – TARA NICHOLE