Keynote Concerts

More Than A Keynote

Edu-tainment – Where Education & Entertainment Combine

Wow your crowd this time with a little more than they expected…Music can enrich a message and make people feel at home. That is my goal!

My Goal, Aim, and Drive

Provide a meaningful message to impact lives in a compassionate, methodical way, with “proof of purchase.” Through song, I drive home the point assigned, to foster communication, encourage creativity, downgrade self doubt, and build morale.

Compassionate and Entertaining Communication

I say what I mean and mean what I say. I truly believe I can help coach your crowd into a better state of mind, where clarity and creative problem solving lead the way. My goal is to provide actionable tips to benefit them for a lifetime.

A Support Crew
…a band on call on…


Impactful Solo Performance
Great for cohesive messaging!

Special Occasion Showcase
Say, a special event, office party, after party…

Much Better Conversion Rate

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Whenever I’m on stage, I think to myself…this is where I belong…providing meaningful music. – TARA NICHOLE