Live Art & Live Music Happenings

Blended Events

Art & Music | The Perfect Marriage

The only thing better than a music filled occasion is an art and music filled occasion.

Got Art?

Want to host a creativity workshop? Let’s do it!

Got Music?

Need a music element at your event to keep things lively and fresh? Let’s DUet!

Stage Host & Performer
Paint to Live Bands at Festivals



When I’m not painting, I’m singing or facilitating!
Can serve multiple needs at your event!

Enriched Experience
Live Art & Live Music Combo

Bigger Contribution, Bigger Impact

What best serves your audience? Creativity comes in many forms. There’s an opportunity for art or music or BOTH! Let’s me do all the coordinating, and you sit back and enjoy!

Being an artist can be a lonely job…but not when you do live art and live music! – TARA NICHOLE