Thank you for your interest to take a deeper dive into the beginning of my journey so you can better understand my aims. Long story short…since my childhood dreams of being an astronaut did not pan out, the next best bet was to become a doctor. It didn’t take long to realize this was not sustainable either, as I can’t stand to see people in pain. I have a calling to help people when I can, where I can, and so, my journey of delivering healing just took a different path. 

Early on, I was driven by multiple forms of creative expression, but turns out I found songwriting late. While my art spoke loudly, I was generally a reserved soul, hiding in my paint. It took multiple strangers on bus and train, on different occasions, to ask me if I was a singer… to give me the hint that maybe they were onto something. Growing up I used to always write poems, but didn’t evolve into song until my college years. 

I found myself in the music community and forever in love with the purpose and sturdiness of the power of song. It is because I have gained so much from songwriting that I find it imperative to share the message. Even while I am an art advocate and am revved up by interior design, I am even more deeply committed to sharing the how and why of songwriting. 

When music is adopted in one’s life, it adds to one’s wellbeing, no matter what age the path of music abundance is introduced. Some songbirds start late like me, but I am a better person for it. I have become my own hero, and that is what I want for you! No one needs to feel alone. No one needs to feel unresolve. Music cures everything….

No one doubts music saves lives and I am no exception to that. Having a friend in songwriting has saved me time and again. Thanks to the possibility of future forecasting through song, I’ve written a better life for myself than the one given. We can stay in our shells forever, or we can find a reason to break free, take deeper breaths, live stronger and more widely through self expression. We can feel more alive upon feeling heard and understood through our own guiding hand. The generosity of song makes this possible. 

Through music we bond, we learn, we come to understand ourselves and eachother on a deeper level. We come to our senses and clarify confusion that has been lingering. Music is sharable, embraceable, danceable, and healing. 

The perfect song at the perfect moment can speak to our heart and satisfy our needs. Because of how reliable songwriting can be, it is my first priority to coach on the benefits of a songwriting lifestyle, while giving the framework for budding songwriters to dive right in!